We create opportunities for you to grow. We aspire to help you achieve your
dream career.

Let’s work together

​We provide sales and customer service roles that focus on giving you the confidence to take action in determining your career worth and financial future.

Obsidian in short

Our History

Obsidian Marketing is a new company with bills ambitions. Its director Jon Fremaux has over a decade’s experience in the industry, has successfully navigated businesses through economic downturn and the uncertainty of , as well as coaching many other individuals to become successful business owners. 

Our Vision

Nothing is impossible. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. Anything the mind can conceive, humanity can achieve with sufficient time, dedication and ingenuity. Improve your life. Improve your career. Improve the world. One conversation at a time.

Our Coaching

Obsidian aims to provide world class coaching and support to all people who want an opportunity to feel successful in their work and in their life.  We do this by providing bespoke mentorship programmes that focus on giving you the confidence to take action in determining your career worth and financial future. 

Our Values

At Obsidian Marketing we recognise that a career means many different things to many different people. Some are looking for an opportunity to build a career in the industry, others seek to develop skills for their CV. Some just want a fun, flexible environment to make great money.

Our core values are simply to work hard, to recognise and support each other’s successes, to feel a genuine sense of individual achievement, and to grow as a person.

As such, anyone associated with the Obsidian team can look forward to bespoke coaching and an environment where each stage of their development is nurtured and valued.

Why Obsidian?

Choose your fit

At Obsidian Marketing you decide what fits you best in terms of a career. If you are a student, looking to gain experience to bolster your CV or have a rewarding opportunity that gives you longevity then we can provide all the above with an excellent pay structure to fulfil your career needs.

Are you at Uni looking to learn something new?

After a University student graduates they usually have to enter a world which doesn't suit their degree. Because we work in Customer Service all skills are transferable.

Gain experience in a face to face world!

If you are currently out of work and just want to increase your CV Portfolio, then it would look great to have a Customer Service and Sales background for future prospects.

Have a career path that realises your efforts.

We also offer roles that gives you a rewarding and lengthy career if you want to discover the world of Business Leadership or become a Business Partner.

What you get

Great Work Space




Great Income

Product Coaching

Route to Business

Looking to the future, the goal is to establish Obsidian Marketing in Guildford as the premier choice for clients seeking face to face and telesales acquisition strategies in the South of England, and also to continue to provide a platform where hard working ambitious people can succeed and grow businesses of their own.

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